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The EDGE Martial Arts adult program is designed for those adults who desire a challenge! Our program is carefully constructed not to burn you out physically or mentally, but allow you to grow as a professional martial artist. As you progress up the belt ranks, your martial arts training will be reinforced with positive comments from your friends, family and co-workers on your improved self-confidence and physical appearance.

A great side benefit to martial arts training is the social aspect of meeting people with similar values and interests as you. Regular social gatherings outside of the school are a part of The EDGE Martial Arts experience.

The EDGE Martial Arts system is designed to give your child a head start on life by developing those traits most linked to success. We work in conjunction with your input and desire to target and increase these important areas of your child’s development. Our goal is to make your son or daughter a leader in and out of school. Key targeted traits:

* Self Confidence and self esteem
* Integrity (doing the right thing when no one is looking)
* Excellence in all aspects of life
* Respect for parents, authority, environment, and peers
* Perseverance (completing a chore/job even if difficult or boring)
* Concentration
* Physical fitness
* Goal Setting

In the Youth Martial Arts program, our emphasis on excellence encourages the aspiring Martial Artist to excel scholastically. In fact, continued martial arts training is contingent on their level of effort in the classroom! Recognition patches are awarded to all honor roll and straight-A students. Students are recognized and awarded for high academic achievement.

Parents of our higher-ranking students have said they consider martial arts to be a part of their child’s education. They use martial arts to fill the gaps inherent in our public school system for physical education, personal development and self-defense.

At The EDGE every student’s goal is the Black Belt. Black Belt is a symbol of excellence in the martial arts and an important tool for instructors and parents to use for developing desire, tenacity and for teaching the importance of follow-through in any activity. Students realize that in order to achieve their long-term goal of black belt they must set short term and intermediate goals such as stripe test and color belt test to achieve their ultimate goal

Our program is also one of the most effective ways to protect your child against the dangers of drug experimentation. Children with high self-esteem are better able to combat the peer pressure that is the leading cause of drug experimentation. Another benefit you will appreciate is how our system works with you to systematically instill into your child abduction awareness techniques to minimize this danger. We make every attempt to make both you and your child “street smart.”

Participation in other sport and activities during martial arts training. We fully encourage our students to participate in other activities. You will find the physical and mental aspects of our program complements all other areas your child’s life. Be sure to discuss with us an alternate training schedule while involved in other activities.

Proper use of learned skills. It is constantly stressed to all students that karate skills require them never to be abusive or offensive and only used as a last resort in a self-defense situation.