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Congratulations, your journey to Black Belt has begun!

The martial arts are recognized for providing a lifetime of personal growth skills. We are excited to have the opportunity to share these benefits with you. To maximize the many benefits you can experience from the martial arts, we think it’s very important for you to understand the areas we focus on in our program. This will ensure a great martial art experience for all!


  • Self Confidence and Self-Esteem - Martial Arts provide you with the confidence to control situations and an ability to stand up to peer pressure and other intimidating situations.
  • Excellence in all aspects of life - Our program develops the mindset of continuous improvement in all your activities and interests.
  • Perseverance and Goal Setting - Earning higher levels of martial art belts instills a sense of achievement and accomplishment.  Training for your belt tests and passing them, enhances your ability to concentrate, plan for and triumph over challenges.
  • Physical fitness - The martial arts develop coordination and increases strength and flexibility, which will carry over to the workplace, school, and sports.
  • Self-Defense - We utilize effective and easy to learn self-defense so you can defend yourself if necessary.  Emphasis is placed on verbal de-escalation drills and also the legalities involved.  These skills also directly increase your self-confidence.
  • Respect for parents, authority, environment, and peers
  • Fun!! - We strive to balance your workouts to development the above traits while at the same time ensuring an enjoyable experience.  You’ll also make lifelong friends with people seeking the same life enhancing skills you desire. 

Our program is designed to allow you to grow as a martial artist and as a person.  What you learn about yourself while earning your black belt will help you in many aspects of your life including school and/or work.  Have patience with yourself in training, strive for continuous improvement, and remember "What you Believe is What you Achieve!"  On behalf of the entire staff and students at THE EDGE, welcome!

Superkids White belt to Yellow belt test 2022

Superkids Yellow to tan belt test 2022

Superkids Tan to Slime belt test 2022

When your child reaches the tan to slime belt level, they may receive a Black Belt club invite. These invitations are at the discretion of the instructors. There are many factors that affect the decision whether a student is ready or not to advance to the Black Belt club. Some, but not all of those are:

1.  The student’s maturity level.

2.  The student’s attendance record in class.

3.  The student’s home practice and dedication.

4.  The student’s ability to follow the Dojo rules.

5.  The student’s ability to get along well with classmates.

6.  The student’s ability to retain techniques and information.

7.  The student’s belt level and time in grade.

8.  The student’s behavior in class.

9.  The Student’s ability to comprehend instructions.

10. The student’s grades in school.

This is not an all inclusive list. There are several other factors involved in choosing students for advancement into the black belt club. Also, once a student is accepted into the black belt club, that privilege can be revoked for cause at any time. Students put a lot of effort into getting into black belt club, but if that effort wanes or problems arise, they may be moved back into the lower classes.