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Our little Molly started her experience at The EDGE with the child care program when she was four. We were bowled over with the level of educational programs that were offered and we watched our shy little girl begin to open up a bit and obtain a first rate preschool education at this child care facility.

Since her shyness was still sticking with her, we decided to go to The EDGE's martial arts Open House in January 2011 and have our little Mo check things out. WE thought that having her join a sport might be good for her and help her open up a bit. Of course, the price point certainly helped - if your child is enrolled full time in The EDGE's child care program, he/she can join their Little Ninjas martial arts program at no cost, so we figured there was nothing to lose! Molly thought it looked like fun so the next we she went. It took her a few weeks to finally join in with the rest of the kids but Miss Jenn makes things super fun!

It is now 11 months later, and I am proud to say that Miss Molly has BLOSSOMED! She moved up from Little Ninjas early and joined the Super Kids class in June and took to it like a duck takes to water. She has moved up to a yellow belt and is doing wonderfully. The shyness still rears its ugly head once in a great while, but where she once would not even join in for warm ups and games, she is fully participating in classes and is excelling!

As parents, my husband and I both believe that the program that Sensei Scott has built is one of the premier youth programs in Bradford County. We now have two children participating and hope to have our third here soon!

The Larcom Family

What can I say about the Edge Fitness and its "Super Kids" karate class. In the past 12 months, Jillian has gone from a shy 6-year old, to a 7-year old, living for Karate demos, having self confidence, and wanting to achieve for herself and her Sensei. This is the best program for any child.

With most sincere appreciation,


Kris Larnard and George Middaugh


Dear Sensei and Miss Jenn,
Thank you for your patience and guidance with Brennan over the years as he took
karate. Although he did not reach excellence in karate by earning his black belt he
did reap benefits from the karate program. When Brennan began lessons ins the fifth
grade he was content to remain in the background and would not participate in many
activities. At graduation this year he volunteered to be one of the speakers! He also
planned and spoke at the national honor society induction program this year at NEB.
Brennan did a great job at both of these endeavors. I attribute his experience at karate
for his overcoming the reluctance to be in front of a group.

Thank you again for the karate experience at the EDGE!

-Lynda Coates

Dear Sensei Scott and The Edge Staff,

Logan Gerrity’s birthday party was an absolute success.  Everybody had a ball.  Sensei Sklyer, Sensei Steve and Chris did an excellent job keeping the kids motivated and entertained while having fun.  We have had quite a few kids’ parties and this one, by far, was the best.  The kids really enjoyed breaking the boards and learning the basics of karate.  The obstacle course that Skyler, Steve and Chris arranged was a lot of fun for everyone.  The kids also enjoyed all the games.  Logan was made black belt for the day, and he really enjoyed wearing that black belt.  He was just beaming.

As parents it was great to sit back and enjoy watching the birthday party.  Skyler, Steve and Chris did all the work, invitations, set up of the party, pizza, drinks, snacks and even the clean up.  We had time to take pictures and video tape the whole party.  The staff at The Edge did all the entertainment, and we have to say they did a fantastic job.

If you want to sit back and watch your child have a great party, we would recommend that you contact The Edge.  The Edge also gave us a beautiful framed picture of Logan’s special day.  What a nice remembrance of a fantastic birthday party. 

 Very Happy Parents

 Patrick and Terri Gerrity

Hello Sensei,

I just wanted to thank you for the great job that you and the other Sensei's have done with Phillip. He has changed so much in the past three years, from a quiet, shy boy who wouldn't even play with other kids to an outspoken young man who wants to try and know everything he’s unsure about. And his father and I owe it all to you. Here is the picture of you and Phillip today (silver belt award). Thank you all,

Mr. & Mrs. Sherman