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In order to keep our studio running smoothly and to make sure everyone has a safe and positive learning environment, we have established the following rules:


1. Conduct yourself in a formal and respectful manner always.

2. Unnecessary roughness, crude language or a display of ill temper is forbidden.

3. Always refer to staff instructors as Sensei and senior students (provisional black belts and above) by Mr. or Ms. and their first names.

4. Always observe mat etiquette in the studio. This includes:

    a. No shoes are worn in the workout area.

    b. Ask permission of the instructor to leave workout areas.

5. No smoking, chewing gum, eating or drinking on the mat area.

6. All students must help keep the studio clean, trash off floors and locker rooms neat.

7. Do not punch or kick walls. Please keep hands and feet off walls and mirrors.

8. Do not touch bags, pads or other training equipment without permission.

9. No student is to designate himself as an instructor and teach others without the instructor's permission.

10. Students who visit other schools must remember that they are representing our school. Students will refrain from making critical comments about other karate styles or instructors of other fighting arts.

11. Show courtesy to visiting black belts and instructors.

12. Do not wear your GI in public unless you are part of a demonstration, or en route to training in a karate school.



Rule number one: if we are not having fun, we aren’t doing it right!

Extra Practice: Adults and BBC members may use the facility for extra practice at any time the school is open.

DO NOT TRAIN WITH ANYONE OUTSIDE THE SCHOOL WITHOUT OUR PERMISSION. It is too easy to get injured when training in an uncontrolled environment.


Uniforms: Always have your uniform clean and wrinkle free. We suggest you purchase an extra uniform to lessen the problem of performing laundry between weekday classes.

Summer uniforms: Are available for sale at THE EDGE and consist of black EDGE shorts and an EDGE t-shirt colored to reflect your current belt rank. Summer uniforms are permitted between Memorial Day and Labor Day or otherwise specified by the instructors.

Full uniform is required for testing and demonstrations.


Personal Hygiene: Follow the rules of personal hygiene. Also ensure finger and toenails are trimmed.


Low energy days: Every athlete experiences low-energy days. You’ll find those days are the best times to train! Talk to us if you feel constantly burned out. We have strategies available to help you overcome burnout.


Safety Gear: For your safety, you must purchase required safety equipment (head, hand, feet gear, chest guard, mouthpiece, and a protective cup for men) before sparring.


Attendance: Try not to miss any classes. If you have to miss, call as early as possible to schedule a makeup. Please be prompt: Please BE ON TIME to avoid disrupting classes!


HELPERS: Students from other classes may be requested to help with class. If you are asked to help with a class, conduct yourself accordingly. Helpers are there to help and be actively engaged in helping with the class. If you wish to help with class, ask the instructor first. Be on time for class. No one should be walking onto the floor after a class has already started. Also, if you are a helper, ask the instructor’s permission before leaving the floor.


Holidays: The EDGE will not hold classes on the following Holidays: Christmas Eve and Christmas day New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, and Thanksgiving. Other holidays the local Towanda School district recognizes will be optional classes (classes will be held, but attendance not taken).

Each year formal classes will be canceled for two weeks. Normally one week in January and one week in July. The floor will be open during these times for open practice during normal operating hours.

Snow Days: On days when Towanda Schools are cancelled or dismissed early due to the weather, there will be no karate classes.

Calendar of classes: A monthly calendar of classes is posted. Students are responsible for checking the calendar and knowing what materials and gear are required for each class.

Feedback: We can’t get better without your feedback. Your input will allow us to meet our goal of being “The Martial Arts School by which all others are measured.”


Dropping off kids: Parents may leave the school to run an errand while their children are in class. However, BE SURE to return ON TIME to pick up your children. We are not responsible for them after their designated class time. Parents are responsible for the behavior of their children while they are at the studio. This includes before, during, and after classes. Children are not permitted on the studio floor or to use studio equipment without instructor permission.


Student Notebook: A student notebook is mandatory. It provides a repository of the many skills and life lessons learned throughout their martial arts training. This notebook will be provided by the student and may be used to keep items such as freestyle kick forms, home practice forms, and other martial arts related paperwork.


Questions: If you have any questions concerning a technique, equipment, or your martial arts training, talk to an instructor or staff member. Any questions about any rule above can also be directed to an instructor.



Penalties will vary for violations of any of the above rules. Lighter penalties such as pushups or sets of PT can be assigned for minor violations. This includes forgetting gear or uniform items.

Forgetting your belt or leaving it in class = 25 pushups.

Violation of uniform = 50 pushups per item.

Moderate violations of conduct will result in loss of belt stripes, which will also result in a delay of your normal promotion date


Major violations of conduct or rules may result in loss of a belt rank, or a period of suspension from the Dojo. Continued major violations or severe honor code violations can result in expulsion from the studio and removal of rank.


Severe honor code violations:

Some violations or behaviors cannot be tolerated in a martial arts studio. We, as instructors, feel that someone who exhibits certain traits cannot be allowed in our studio. Some of these violations are, but are not limited to:

Stealing- Someone who has no respect for the property of others cannot be part of our studio.


Willfully hurting another student- Someone who cannot control their anger and/or intentionally hurts        another student cannot be part of our studio.


Touching other students in an inappropriate manner- As a martial arts school, close contact is expected. If this contact is of an inappropriate nature, the student cannot be part of our studio.