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This page is dedicated to our students that perform and compete in tournaments. We have many students that go the extra mile and enjoy competing with students from other schools. Tournaments are by no means mandatory, but we, as instructors, are proud of those students who decide to test their metal against others, from other schools. It also allows us to identify strengths and weaknesses in our curriculum and make changes to benefit all students. Even if a student decides not to participate in tournaments, it is a good idea to go to a few so you get to support and see your fellow students compete, and to see what they are like. You may decide to give one a try!



2021 NAFMA Nationals Atlantic City NJ



NEMAC Mt Bethel PA 2021


2018 Tournament 1.jpg

2018 Tournament Wilkes-Barre PA



2017 Tournament Belfonte PA




2016 Tournament Wilkes-Barre PA